30 March, 2017

Right on schedule

I went to see the physical therapist yesterday and I am happy to say I am right on schedule.  I have stopped wearing the cast to bed --  it was just too uncomfortable and I don't need it.  I have graduated to strength training for the hand.  It will be another month until I can list any more than 10 pounds - the bone needs to be completely healed.  Otherwise I am pain free and I can do most anything.  Hooray.

I have been on my own all week and the weather has been just awful.  We have gotten soaked on our morning walks routinely.  I am keen to get out and plant my three new lilacs and prune the roses and other things, but it's just icky and wet and it's going to have to wait for a little sunshine.

Today I am going to do my taxes.  I've got everything in front of me and so away we go.

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