15 March, 2017

Free at last

Monday I saw the doctor, had more X-rays, and was very happy to see that the bone has healed.  Six weeks it took.  Now I can keep the cast off all during the day except when I'm out hiking around or in crowds.  The swelling is still there but I can see my wrist bone now.  That's progress.  In therapy I was given another set of passive exercises, which are painful but tolerable.  Plus which I can knit now and boy have I been taking advantage of that!  I am knitting away on my Metalouse and have just started the slipped stitches part.

Hawaii was just what the doctor ordered.  It was gorgeous and warm and sunny.  And there were so many people from Seattle in Kona.  In every restaurant and bar we heard mention of Seattle. It seems everyone wanted to escape this winter.  Now we're back and it's tolerable but only because the temperatures have risen and it's no longer below freezing.  The rain is still with us but I am seeing signs of spring all over the place and hearing the frogs.  Soon it will be time to prune the roses.  I am rather disappointed that I won't be able to have my Potager garden this year, but we'll have all summer to build it rather than having to rush.  That's nice.

I have lots of errands and it's pouring rain.  Not a good day to be driving around but it can't be helped.  Tink needs food and I've got to go to the recycle. Better get started.

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