04 April, 2017

Where is my happy?

Oh I am SO over this weather!  The lack of sunshine is just really getting to me.  I know it's partly because I can't get any endorphins --  but that doesn't make it any easier to take.  It makes me very bad company.  At least the rain stayed away enough on Saturday to get the roses and hydrangea trees pruned and a couple of the planters cleaned out and Ben moved the raised bed down so I'll have at least one little place to plant some vegetables.  Alas the lilacs are still in their pots waiting to be planted.  I am pretty sure where I want to put them but I need to make sure before I dig the holes.  We're going to Port Townsend Friday for a long weekend so maybe Monday we'll get time to put them in the ground.

Knitting soothes the soul a bit.  I worked on the Metalouse yesterday.  I have 12 more rows of the slip stitch pattern.  I sure love knitting with gorgeous yarn.  I don't even care what I make.  I just like the good stuff.  This one is angora and the Noro Shiraito, which is a cashmere blend.  There halo is awesome.  I just wish I had gotten the color of Noro I wanted but I got it from Little Knits and they had run out of the color I originally chose so this one has a bit more brown than I like.

Well ... still looking for my happy.  I think I need to get some vacations nailed down.  Pronto

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