26 October, 2016

Laying low

Well it's not so bad.  I'm just a little under the weather is all.  The way I can tell for sure if I'm actually sick or just needing a rest - well, back when I was working anyway - is to answer one question.  Can I knit?  If I don't feel like even picking up the knitting I'm actually sick.  That was yesterday and, I am afraid, today as well.  I slept in very late for me.  I didn't even wake up until 9, which is the latest I've stayed in bed since I retired.  I don't have a full blown cold, thank goodness, but a dripping nose and sore throat and ear ache is bad enough.

Yesterday I had things I needed to take care of and the sun was out so Tink and I were up and out and to the park by 9 where she had a nice walk.  Then I took her to the dog self wash and gave her a much needed bath.  I am going to be much more vigilant about bathing her between grooming sessions so that we can keep her skin condition from returning.  The self wash is easy, just like a car wash with the shampoo already mixed in with the temperature controlled water.  And the tub is raised so it doesn't kill my back.  She hates it though, but she is much nicer smelling.  After that I stopped at the store for some essentials and then went for my manicure and pedicure and then home and that was fine because I was beat.

It is pouring rain today.  I sure hope Tink doesn't start putting up a fuss about going to the park because it is not on the agenda for today.

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