27 July, 2005

Hot in Seattle??

Well sure -- it's a relative term you know. It gets into the mid-80s a few days in a row and people start complaining. Thankfully my basement stays relatively cool but still .... the heat takes its toll. First on my knitting because it's too hot to have a lap full of knitting unless it's a little cotton top or small project and I don't happen to be making any of those things right now. Just how it happened. I did manage to do a few rows on my DYI afghan last night. I think it's going to be soooo pretty! I probably won't want to give it away but I kind of have it earmarked for gifting so I'll have to enjoy it while I can.

Poor little Tink though, that's who gets the worst of this weather. She doesn't really perk up until it cools down, which is about the time I'm thinking of bed. Last night I only slept in fits and starts. I was just about asleep when she needed to go out. Fine, I let her out. One hour later I woke up because she hadn't come back in and she was barking! Not good. I called her. She wouldn't come. I went outside and that's when she decided she wanted to play and absolutely would NOT come in. I had to go get cheese to bribe her. Then she wanted to bring her bone on the bed. I let her - I'm a sucker, I know. And she calmed down and slept for a while because there is a fan there that blows on her. But then at 2:30 she woke again and started gnawing on that bone, so I put her down. After a nice chew - just long enough so I'm asleep - she's barking at the door to be let out. AGAIN I get up and let her out but at 3:45 she's barking outside at the paperboy or something and AGAIN I had to bribe her to come in because she's going puppy nuts, running around wanting to play. Oh mannnnnnnn. I can't get mad at her though. It's only natural that she'd want to play when she feels good and not when she's hot and uncomfortable. But still.

Okay so, 4 or 4:15 we're back asleep but then Erik's alarm goes off at 5:30. erghghg I've managed to "nap" most of the night but I wasn't rested at all so I turned my alarm off because typically I don't really sleep much after he gets up and starts making noise so I figured I'd just "nap" a bit more and get up around 7 when I usually do. Huh uh Not today, ladies and gentlemen. I didn't awaken until after 7:30! Then it was just a mad rush and everything went wrong including getting some strawberries on my top and having to change right before I went out the door! And to top it off, little Tink was still feeling her oats. As I was putting on my makeup I kept hearing this strange noise, like something was hitting the outside of the house. I went out and there she was all cute in the garden with half her body down a hole she was digging, presumably, to China! *sigh* Come in the house? Oh noooooooo, not Tinkerbell.

I got to work nearly 50 minutes late. And I have to leave early because it's Dad's birthday today and I'm taking him and Aunt BettyJo to dinner, geezer time. I need to figure out a way to get my attitude back on track.

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