11 July, 2005

I am ready to tear my hair out!

I hate hate HATE Internet Explorer. And Microsoft. I am going crazy trying to get some quizzes made and I have to use IE rather than Netscape to do it and it freaking thing keeps crashing! Arghghghgh!!!!!! I spend so much time dealing with brower issues and compatibility issues and I'll bet that 99% of them are non-issues and simply Microsoft or Mac being pissy with one another. No wonder I want to knit all of the time. It's meditation. Rather like sucking one's thumb.

I had to change my blog template. I was looking at random blogs last week and realized that I have the template that is used by all the little girls. So, as much as I love pink, green is a good second.

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Kara said...

Have you tried Mozilla Firefox? It's a bit less irritating than Netscape or IE.