28 July, 2005

This came on my phone last night

Can you tell what this is? It's quite obvious here, but when I received it on my telephone yesterday evening it was still quite bright outside and there was glare on the phone screen. My contacts were blurry so I was squinting at this and moving the phone back and forth trying to see exactly what the heck Steven sent me. I am not kidding, it looked to me like a dog with sunglasses on!! I can't EVEN see now how I came up with that except that the olive in the bottom of the glass was the dog's nose. Once I got home where it wasn't quite so bright and I could take care of my dry eyes it still took me a while to figure it out because I had "dog" on the brain. What a crazy guy.

It was Dad's birthday yesterday so I took him and Aunt BettyJo to dinner at the Salmon House. Since it was "geezer time" I was still home before eight. Plenty of time to work on one of my three projects. But it was soooo hot still! I worked a bit on the blankie but I just couldn't cool off. At least the dog slept better last night because she slept UNDER the bed, where it's cooler and therefore didn't keep me awake, so I slept better. Hopefully it will be cooler today.

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