25 July, 2005

Stash busting

I put some of my stash on eBay this weekend. Odd how tough that is! I love having this backlog of yarn. However, I realized that I just wasn't going to use it and there are projects that I want to do that need yarn that I can't afford. So - yay for eBay!! I even found four skeins of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Super Chunky that I forgot I had.

Here's the Berroco Optik. I thought I was going to love this but once I swatched it I realized it was too busy for a whole garment. It would be good for cuffs or stripes or something but I'm going to try to sell all but one of the 10 skeins.

I bought some Portofino Paper about a year ago to make a cardigan with fun fur cuffs and collar but I haven't done anything but swatch that so I know I'll never get around to it. It's pretty cool yarn though.

The fun fur is just gaudy. I know I'll never use that. Plus which the Lion Brand is a little scratchy. Not like Apart, for example.

And finally the Cashmerino. I think it's my favorite yarn except it pills a bit. But it is oh so soft.


sylv said...

ooh, that debbie bliss one is lovely !!! I doubt it but if it doesn't sell, I'd love to swap it for some of my stash ..

sylv said...

hey, I also thought the optik might be too busy for a full garment, then I saw that :http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=36163.60;topicseen
which shows it could be awesome !(I'm guessing it would kind of look similar). Thought it could inspire you..?

Shelley said...

Well I could see Optik working for that steek top. I think it might be a bit too scratchy for next to the skin though. I am thinking it would work best for a trim maybe on cuffs or a hat or something. It looks like I'll have plenty to play with.