08 July, 2005

It could definitely be worse

Last night was Ginny's night out with the girls. Kind of a bachelorette party without any tiaras or strippers. Plenty of drinks though. I had the foresight to book a Doctor's appointment for 11 am so I didn't come in to work but rather slept in a bit and left from home. I actually don't feel too bad, considering I drank 5 martinis. I did eat though, which is key. I would have been in serious trouble if I hadn't been eating. So, of course, no knitting last night for me. I managed a couple minutes with my orange sweater while I was waiting for the Doc. I was thinking of maybe putting in a row of eyelets and threading a ribbon or I-cord under the bust. Kind of making it an empire type thing. It could be cute. Can't decide. I want to do something though because I think that unrelieved orange might be too much, even though it's off the shoulder. I tell ya what though, I sure as heck don't feel like working. urgh Maybe I should get some lunch.

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