11 December, 2007

Back to winter

Well, I was very very VERY glad to get home Friday morning. The plane was spot on time, thank goodness. Thursday in Hawaii was tough. Again the weather was bad and chilly even and I was homeless, having checked out of my room at noon. I took the little bus into town and made the most of it, getting lots of Christmas shopping handled. My boss and his wife took me to dinner on the way to the airport and it was a gorgeous meal in a wonderful setting. They had tried to go there a few nights earlier but it happened to be the night of the tropical storm and since the restaurant opens right onto the beach ... they were closed.

Friday I mostly spent sleeping. In the afternoon I got my hair done and did some grocery shopping and that was about it. Saturday Tinkie got a new hairdo and I finished up my sister's Sunflower Tam (no, I didn't take pictures!! - what a dope) and it started snowing in the afternoon. Not hard, thankfully. But it is really cold here!! The BF was doing sound for a play at a little church so I went to see that. Sunday I went to the Seahawks game! Ooooowee!! First of all it was freezing cold! Thank goodness for long underwear. Second of all - they won! Yay! So it was a good football weekend.

I was supposed to go back to work Monday but my boss, bless his heart, had suggested that I might want to take a day for myself and sure enough, when 6:30 am rolled around Monday morning and I was cozy under my duvet and comforter ... I sorta wanted to stay in bed. So I did. I had a rehearsal last night and had songs to practice so the day went by rather quickly. Got my sister's b'day presents sent off and that's about it. Oh ... I worked a bit more on the lace scarf, Liesel. My Scoop de Jour is taunting me from the back of the couch where I refuse to move it until I finish putting it together!! This should be WIP week.

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