18 December, 2007

Getting down to the line

The weekend was busy and I got nearly everything done. While at the mall getting my nails done I stopped into the newest DSW [a shoe lovers paradise!] and bought some pretty black satin sandals with a rhinestone accent for my outfit that night. I did manage some awesome multitasking after that and got the first ear flap nearly done while I was going over some music. I have a little ritual I perform and I have always done it, time allowing. And that's the pre-gig nap. It's easier to do when it's winter time since it's dark at 5. I got a good, restful nap on Saturday and changed into black pants and a red top and headed out to the club. It was not as full as last time but I am sure that's because that Saturday was the prime Christmas party evening. It went fine. It wasn't like it was empty, just not packed to the rafters like last time. I lllllove our new keyboard player. He also plays trumpet and flugelhorn. And he's funny.

Of course I got home late late late and all I wanted to do was sleep Sunday but chores beckoned so I hauled myself up at 10, which was TOO early. I didn't even have time for much knitting - just odd this and that and an open house. I crashed at the open house - it was a new recording studio and while I normally would be all over that, I was just exhausted. So I took another nice nap (two in one weekend!) and got up refreshed and did laundry and cooked a nice dinner and worked on my socks.

Last night would have been an ideal time to finish up the hat but I had some other errands to run and by the time I finished the paper it was nearly 7, so I decided to take the night off and just watch some TV and that's what I did! I have a friend who is turning 50 in January and wanted a live band at his party. I told him I wasn't going to be able to pull it off, but then a friend called last night to say he is in fact going to be in town for the party so I had to start getting the logistics of that handled. It'll be a huge surprise for Steve. He knows he's getting a band but ... he doesn't know who is going to be in it. That's the surprise.

Maybe tonight I can finish up that hat or if not tonight, then knitting at lunchtime tomorrow for sure. And that's going to be it. I still have to tuck in the ends of the basket weave scarf and headband I made. Plus I've got to get everything wrapped and get packed all by Thursday evening. It's pretty darned difficult to get actual work done when I has so many other things I would like to get done. But ... that's the way it goes.

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