20 December, 2007

Looks like I'm going to make it

I got all of my presents wrapped last night with the exception of the hat I have yet to finish. But I'll get the last ear flap started at noon knitting today and I might even be able to finish it there, if not then a few minutes at home should do it. And I realized this morning that I forgot to wrap the basket weave scarf and head band I made for a friend, so I've got to weave in those ends tonight and wrap that one as well. But still, it's not much to do and I'm sure I can get it done while I'm doing bits of laundry and packing. I have to come into work tomorrow but I'll be leaving for the airport from here so I have to have everything ready to go in the morning.

Oh it is going to be SO nice to have two whole weeks off! And I told everyone at the lunch yesterday that I am definitely NOT going to even open my work email for those whole two weeks. If anyone wants me they're going to have to track me down and trick me into opening the door. Blogging is also going to be a bit sparse. I am not taking my laptop to California with me so it'll have to be blogging by phone and we all know how ugly that is. I haven't even thought about knitting to take with me ..... I guess I'll take the socks I'm working on and the Liesel scarf which is not really mindless knitting since it's lace, but it's easy lace. I have hours and hours left to go on the socks so they can be my mindless knitting.

The band is booked for Valentine's Day and the leader is bugging me to get my picture up on the web site and make a few changes. I have got to quit telling people what I do.


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful trip and a very happy holiday!

Jen said...

Have a great trip! Hope Santa is good to you and brings you lots of yarn! :)