04 December, 2007


Hooray! It's sunny today and just a little breezy. I see clouds out over the ocean but they are WAY far away and so hopefully they will stay out there. It rained all day yesterday. I stayed in my room, worked and did a little knitting. I went out for one little walk, but it wouldn't stop raining. I was really kicking myself for not bringing workout gear because at least I could have gone into the workout room and run on the treadmill. Ah well ...

I got almost finished with the heel flaps on my socks yesterday. But I don't anticipate much knitting today unless the weather changes. I am going to go lay by the pool! Maybe work up the nerve to go snorkeling. It's kind of a drag being here alone. I mean I know lots of people here but they are with their spouses or science buddies so I don't have anyone to just hang out with. Going to the beach is always better with someone.

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