13 April, 2016

A little less frantic

Yesterday was a little calmer.  And fewer meetings - only two.  It was my early day since I have the late meeting on Tuesday, so I ran out of here at 1 o'clock so that I could make my appointment with Jane at 2 and get home in time to wrap Ben's present and get my meeting going.  You'd think that would be plenty of time, wouldn't you?  Jane was quick and I was out of there by 2:30, but by then the rain had started.  I got to the freeway and decided to forego the 520 bridge and drive around, since I had plenty of time and the traffic seemed to be moving.  Ah, it was moving, but slowly and even more slowly when I pulled onto the 405.  There was a vehicle on the shoulder and a car with flashing lights so the traffic just crawling.  Accident?  Not really.  But the two vehicles along side the road was enough to shut that thing down.  And it was POURING rain.  What a mess.  I made it home by 4 o'clock so just time to get the present wrapped and the dishes going.  I put Tink outside in the front, and the back, and the front again and she managed to get her business done.

The meeting didn't run over, miracle.  And Ben was happy with his gift -- another miracle.  We toasted his birthday with a shot of Don Julio and off we went to pick up some gorgeous Greek salad and get to the Triplehorn where we had a nice beer and ate the salad.  Tink was happy to be along and I was happy to drink my first beer since January!  Well ... I couldn't have a Diet Coke!  Too much caffeine.  And that was that.  A simple birthday.  Now MY birthday ... I'm already planning the party!

So what's on for today?  Noon knitting.  Even though MaryEllin is gone off to Retirementland we still get to use her conference room and her replacement, Maia, knits as well.  So there's that.  And a little work and I've GOT to get my trip printed out and start working on details.  One more week and a couple of days ..... arghghghghg

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