12 April, 2016

That was a fight

Yesterday was really a tough day.  Three meetings plus .... no, four meetings.  After being sick for so long I am definitely not used to being active and working for all of those hours in a row.  Needless to say I was just exhausted when I got home.  Thankfully the dinner was mostly cooked since Ben had put in a pot roast Sunday night for sandwiches during the week.  We just ate a bit on that, heated up some leftover greens from Sunday and I steamed some veggies.  And then it was only 7 pm and I was fading fast.  I made myself stay up and I knit on the beautiful, diaphanous Tentacula until 8 pm.  Seriously.  8 o'clock I crawled into bed and I was asleep in minutes.  Not only that I slept through the night.  Ten hours!!  But you know what?  I feel pretty darned near healthy this morning so obviously I needed that sleep.

I managed to get pretty well up to date and organized yesterday, which is why I could not sleep Sunday night.  I've a few more ducks to get in a row and I will feel back on top of it and ready for vacation.  Unfortunately I've got to wait a week and two days more for vacation to be ready for me.

Spring weather - sunny and warm and then cloudy and cool.  Today is a cloudy and cool day.  It's also Ben's birthday.  He doesn't want anything at all "fancy".  So for his birthday dinner we're going to get take away from a Greek place and go to Triplehorn with Tink.  I am planning something a little fancier for my birthday.

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