11 April, 2016

Back in the land of the living

Good heavens!  That was a long haul.  I was at work on Monday for a few hours and then I headed to Emergent Care since my doctor was off on Monday.  It ends up that the virus had morphed into bronchitis!  I was sick in bed for all the rest of the week and even though I was up and about this weekend, I am still not 100%.  I did make it through the night with only 1 coughing fit so that's good.

The bad part of being sick is that I cannot knit!  All that time and all I can do is lay around and read.  Saturday I did feel well enough and I picked up that Noro shawl and got that finished.  It is HUGE and there's no way that I'm going to be wearing it until next Winter so instead of blocking it I put it on the manikin and started a second Venomous Tentacula with the beautiful silk mohair from an ArtYarns box I have.  I know I won't use it together with the variegated yarn it came with but as a Tentacula - gorgeous!  It's so very light that it needs the beads to give it a bit of weight. 

I have so much to do at work and so much to get caught up with.  I had a hard time sleeping.  All I want to think about is my vacation.  Soon soon soon

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