15 April, 2016

Yay Friday!!

Oh joy!  Next Friday this time I will have left Tinkerbell off at the boarders and I'll be getting ready for the trip.  Yesterday I got all of my tickets and AirBnb confirmations printed out.  All are correct.  Now just wait wait wait wait

The weekend will be fun.  Saturday I am going shopping and Saturday night a party.  Sunday?  I don't know.  Maybe just knitting and if the weather is fine go out in the garden and do a little clean up.  I can't plant until we get back.

I didn't touch the new Venomous Tentacula last night.  It is a project that needs some good light.  It should move quite quickly though.  I need to get back on it.  It will be a perfect spring wrap.

What else?  All I can think about is vacation.

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