14 April, 2016

I feel lighthearted

This day has a wonderful spring feel to it.  It's cloudy but there are patches of blue around.  And vacation is closer and closer.  Today I'm going to print out all of my train tickets and plane tickets and AirBnB confirmations.  And at noon I'm going to walk up the Ave and buy the thing Deirdre asked me to bring her.  This weekend I'm going to the mall on Saturday to buy some pants that fit.  I can't believe how crazy this sounds, but about two weeks before I decided to get back to "normal" size I threw away about 10 pairs of jeans.  Now all I have are HUGE ones and I haven't wanted to buy interim pants because I feel so guilty about throwing away all the others.  So this weekend I will get a couple pair of jeans and maybe a pair of shorts.  When I get home I'll have about 15 more pounds to lose so later in the summer I can get more if I need to.  I suppose I will.  Tops?  I've got tons of those.  Thankfully I didn't throw out everything that didn't fit.  Just the jeans.  But my logic was that jean styles change more than top styles.  And that is true so there was a method to that particular madness.

Saturday evening it's dinner and cards and Sunday?  Hmmmm .... I think I might start going through my cosmetics and all of those cosmetic bags I seem to accumulate from Clinique gifts with purchase.  I need to throw out the old stuff and the stuff I'll never use and pare that down.  I am going to be carrying on so I need to gather all the small sized bottles and jars.  I really really am going to be traveling light.  I am hoping we can do laundry at the gite in Corgoloin before we head to Italy. 

Now to make it through the day.

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