18 April, 2016

Such an early spring

No complaints, but just an observation -- we are having an incredible spring.  Again this weekend it was approaching 80 degrees.  We spent a good amount of time out of doors and on Sunday driving around with the top down.  I went to the mall Saturday morning to get some jeans that fit.  Oh I had forgotten how much fun it is to shop when things look good on you!  Not to say that I don't want to lose a few more pounds, but at least now I look like myself again.  I got some nice comfy sandals and a pair of jeans at the Gap and another at Macy's.  However I ended up going back to Macy's in Redmond on Sunday because I had to switch out the jeans.  The sales person had given me the wrong cut when I changed the ones I tried on - regular length - for the short length.  And I wanted to see if the Gap had the flare jeans I had wanted to buy in Alderwood.  And they did, so I ended up with three pairs of jeans and a cute T-shirt dress.  Very good shopping this weekend.

Sunday I got the raised bed and all of the hanging planters cleaned out and new dirt in the raised bed.  All ready for when I get back.

And now to make it through four days and then vacation.  Four days.  Beautiful days though.  It's going to be hot again today.  I think I'll have to get out for my run by 10:30 this morning.

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