20 April, 2016

Two more days

It is so very difficult to be here when I'm not that busy and I am looking forward to an exciting vacation.  Yesterday the morning just dragged by.  I had one meeting and that was it.  And I wasn't hungry for my lunch, so I just stayed in my office and took off at 1:30 because of my late meeting.  Of course I was hungry by the time I got home, but I wasn't about to eat my lunch at 2:30, especially since I wasn't all that keen on building another big salad.  So I cleaned up the kitchen and then Ben was home because he wasn't feeling well.  Too excited and stressed is what I think. 

The late meeting was pretty easy and then it was dinner time.  I was about ready to eat anything at that point.  I made some asparagus and we had lovely steak.  I wasn't as dead tired as I had been the night before and so I stayed up and got caught up on Once Upon a Time.  And then read for a while.  It was quite warm yesterday and it stayed warm all through the night.  Tink mostly spent the night on the floor under the bed. 

Another nice day today, Noon Knitting Wednesday.  As I figured, only one run this week but I'm okay with that.  I'm a little sore but not too bad. 

No knitting.  I wanted to take up the new Venomous Tentacula I'm doing but thought better of it.  I need some quiet alone time to really get back into the swing of that.  It is going to be really really pretty though.  I brought my Dune for today.  It's a good noon knitting project, especially since I won't be using it until next fall.

Oh please make the morning zip by.

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