20 October, 2016

Global Entry!

Woohoo!  The day is finally here.  I go for my Global Entry interview today at 1:45.  No more log TSA lines.  Pre-check all the way.  It is pouring rain yet again so the drive out and back is going to be a mess, but I'll just give myself plenty of time.  If I have to cool my heels for 20 minutes I've always got my iPhone.  I just don't want to miss this.

And here it is Thursday already!  I was anxious to go to the gym on Monday and do the BodyPump class again.  I was feeling nearly normal, muscle pain-wise that is.  It was a packed class and I was very happy with myself.  I made it through almost all of the workout with weights and I didn't once feel like I was going to throw up.  Big improvement.  However, now my biceps are SO sore that they wake me up in the night.  Ah well, the price of success.  I went again yesterday and did all but ONE set of exercises with weights.  And today my chest is crazy sore.  Tomorrow?  Well I have a choice.  I can take the half BodyPump have abs class or I can just run on the treadmill.  The housekeeper is coming at nine and I'm going to want to spend as much time as I can there, so perhaps I'll do the 30 minutes and if the advanced abs are too much for me I'll go spend some time on the treadmill.

Yesterday evening I met up with Andy and Kate for a few glasses of wine, some food and some good talk.  As I suspected, this autumn has been a disaster and I am SO glad I am not a part of it.  I don't miss it at all.  Not at all.

I have got to get a knitting project on my needles though.  I finished up the socks last Sunday and I've been waffling around about what I should do next.  I think I'll just buy that cheap yarn and get to work on another blanket  - one that can't be ruined if it gets tossed into the washer again.  On the way home from the airport today I can do that.

We were supposed to have a huge wind storm this last weekend but it never materialized.  People got all crazy buying generators, etc.  And nothing.  Except there are a few more leaves on the ground.  The rain is doing me in though.  Hard rain.  Relentless.  I take Tink to the park anyway.  You can't live in this part of the world and let the weather stop you from doing things.  If that was the case you could spend a lot of time in doors.

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