25 October, 2016

The long road back

Getting back into shape is a long and painful process.  There are no short cuts.  I went to BodyPump Monday morning, yesterday, and made it through the entire routine - a new one this time - with weights!  I was very proud of myself for that.  Pretty soon I'll be able to start adding more weight, but just the face that I was able to use weights for the whole class is huge.  There are lots and lots of different routines, but they all target the same muscle groups, just in different exercises.  This particular one had very difficult ab and triceps routines.  That being said, I have no soreness in either of those areas, but I certainly do in my upper back and shoulders.  So I need to add more weight to my triceps routines and work on better form for the ab work.  I certainly don't want to be as sore as I was at the beginning but I should feel something.

I had been craving collard greens for a few days, so I decided to make a pot of them yesterday for dinner.  I had forgotten what a huge hassle the particular recipe I was using was to prepare, not to mention pricey.  You would think that greens would be cheap but all they had was organic at the Haggen market and I had to go there for the smoked turkey wings, which this recipe uses instead of ham hocks.  Last time I did this I used a ham hock and I wasn't blown away, so I went with the turkey and I am really glad that I did.  The reason this recipe is so difficult is that you not only have to individually wash and tear the leaves, which you would have to do anyway, but then you wilt them in a pot of boiling liquid so they fit into the slow cooker.  I should have taken a picture of the pile of leaves.  That's six bunches, about 5 pounds, of greens torn into bite sized pieces.  It was huge but it eventually got wilted down, with a lot of stirring and cursing from me and my sore muscles, and into the slow cooker.  I must say though it was totally worth it.  They are delicious!  And pricey as this recipe is, I have left overs for two more meals, since they are sides and not mains.  Very yummy.

Here it is the 25th of October and I have not been sick!  Usually by this time in the year I've had at least two bad upper respiratory things.  Fingers crossed though, because I bring this up because I am feeling definitely sniffly this morning and I was awake twice in the night, once to take puffs from the asthma inhaler.  So ... we'll see what the day brings.  I've got to get Tink washed today and I found a self dog washing place I'm going to try.  And I need to get my manicure done today.  That is all I need to do, although I would very much like to get out and rake some leaves if the rain stays away.  We'll see how I feel.

The parade of wild life continues.  Yesterday afternoon I saw a young buck walk through the yard, horns about 8 inches long.  So beautiful.  No sign of the bears thank goodness.

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