06 October, 2016

Thumbs up

Yesterday I tried out NOT showering at the gym.  I did my workout, left my workout clothes on and took off for home, with a quick stop at the post office to mail a package.  Bu the time I got home I was plenty cooled down and had a nice shower and did  a little clean up in the kitchen while my hair air dried.  Perfect.

Except my day got a little messed up.  I had taken Tink to the vet Tuesday to have her neck checked out.  It is a skin infection and she's no stranger to that, since it is most prevalent in Westies.  I got some anti-bacterial and anti-fungal wipes that I have to use on the affected area twice a day, some antibiotics and some anti-itch pills.  I have switched her to a harness to avoid further irritating the skin on her neck and I have tied a cotton bandana around her neck to protect the area.  But at night she scratches at it with her back paws so yesterday I was going to go to Petco to get her some socks to cover those feet at night and a doggie T-shirt to cover up the neck/chest area.  But our friend came over to clean off the roof and the gutters and I couldn't really leave him alone on the roof, so no trip to Petco.  I'm going to do that this morning.

And I'll tell you what - I have created a monster with Tink and the park.  Yesterday while I was drying my hair I had her basking in the sun on the front porch.  But she wanted in.  Next thing I know she's sitting by the door where I'm drying my hair and barking that sharp "I want something" bark.  When I asked her what she wanted she trotted to the closet where I keep the leashes.  This was around 12:30 when she has been getting her park walk so I did a little test, hooked her up and walked towards the front door.  Nope.  She put on the brakes.  And then pulled me toward the back door.  I had to finish drying my hair, which was difficult to convey to the dog, and then she got her park walk.  She is feeling better, I can tell.  She didn't exactly run around the park, but she was more active.  It's got to be annoying having a big sore on the neck.

Last night I had a dream about work.  It was about how I did not want to be there.  It was like I was still having to go in but I had nothing to do.  Not a nice dream at all and I was trying to do the math to figure out if I had enough vacation time to just quit then an there.  What a relief when I woke up and remembered that I had already done that.  Whew

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