11 October, 2016

Ouch ouch ouch

Eery time I go to the gym I look into the classrooms and see all sorts of interesting things going on.  I know that just running and doing a few stretches is really not getting me a decent workout so I did a little asking around about the 9:30 class, which is called BodyPump.  And yesterday I did my first body pump class.  All I can say is wow, what a great great full body workout.  I am SO sore today, everywhere.  Back, shoulders, triceps, biceps, quads, lats ... not so much the gluts but that's probably because it's used so much with running.  Even though I am sore I am quite looking forward to going back again on Wednesday.

As unlikely as I found it, I actually won my matchup lady night since my opponent had a ridiculously underperforming player in that game.  But big deal - even though my record is the same as three other guys I am lowest because I haven't been making lots of points, except the first week.  Hopefully they will change this weekend with Russell Wilson healthy.

One thing I have been looking forward to is my appointment at the Olympus Spa today for a facial and, not coincidentally after yesterday, a big old soak in the hot tubs.  But yesterday evening I got  call saying that they had made a mistake with the booking and could I come in at 2:45.  NO!  That is too late.  The girl was supposed to call back, but she didn't so I'll have to give another call this morning to see what is up.  I have also decided that it's time to get a new iPad and I was going to go to the Apple store before the spa.  The one I have is obsolete and can't even take the latest update, and it is so slow.  I'm going to get a new one and wipe the old one clean and give it to Ben.  He won't be putting anything on there App-wise.  He just wants to read sports news on the browser.  Perfect.  I am going to get one with Wi-Fi AND LTE or whatever it's called, so that I can get phone service when I need it, like when I go to Paris in December.

I still haven't finished those socks but I might sit down and do that this evening.  I've got to get started on the new blanket.  This one I will make out of washable yarn in case the housekeeper takes it into her head to wash it again.

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