14 October, 2016

Or so I thought ......

It ended up that I got to keep my 2 o'clock facial appointment on Tuesday, so I was happy,  Especially because my muscles were so very very sore.  Tink got a nice park walk in the glorious sunshine and I headed up around 11.  First stop the Apple store where I bought a nice new  iPad Air 2 with cellular.  Next up Nordstrom, where I needed to get some cosmetics.  When I walked in there I was saying to myself, "Hmmmm .... wouldn't it be great if that gorgeous little Rebecca Minkoff pink suede fringed bag was marked down?"  Nordstrom rarely has markdowns but lo and behold, there was the bag and it was marked down!  With my Nordstrom notes I was out the door with that bag at half price.  Awesome!!  What luck, eh?  Then I had a quick trip through Tuesday Morning, ho hum, and a soup and salad lunch and then to the spa.  I had a nice long soak and some time relaxing my muscles even more in the hot sand room and then a facial.  Now that's what I call a perfect day.  And Ben was able to come home for dinner and I made a nice mushroom pork chops recipe from Cooking Light.

Wednesday rolled around, another gorgeous sunny, blue sky day, and I was looking forward to doing another BodyPump class at 9:30.  Except I was even MORE sore than I had been on Tuesday!  How could that be?  I could barely go down stairs or raise my arms over my head.  No gym for me.  Tink got some long walks and that was all I could handle.

At 2 in the morning the power went out and it was still out Thursday when I got up.  I was planning on going to the U District to do some banking but no power, so I couldn't get my car out of the garage. I know there is a way to do it, but I have never done it and I am not confident I could budge that double wooden garage door.  I had the truck but it was pouring rain and I did not want to drive it to Seattle, so I went to Starbucks for coffee and that was the end of my driving.  The power didn't come on until after 6 so I am grateful for the gas stove.  I just heated up some chicken  soup I had in the freezer.  

Today I woke up feeling almost normal and I was anxious to go to the class, but they don't have it on Friday mornings, so I did the treadmill instead.  There is a huge storm blowing in, with 70 mph winds expected for tomorrow.  So of course everyone is expecting the power to go out again.  It has been pouring rain for two days now and the ground is saturated.  It won't take much for a few trees to topple.  Just hope the power will stay on until I get dinner cooked.  Today another fancy recipe from Cooking Light - chicken baked with fennel and tomatoes and lemon.  I hope its good.  

The Huskies have a bye this weekend and the Seahawks are back, playing Atlanta.  That should be a good game.  Maybe I can finish those socks this weekend.  Or maybe tonight even.

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