23 September, 2015

A busy weekend and a few days working from home

The party Saturday was a success.  Lots of people, lots of food, only a little sprinkle of rain earlier in the day, and Tiki torches at night!  I woke up Sunday feeling terrible though.  And I don't get hung over, so what was going on?  Well, my throat had been sore for a few days and Sunday morning is was blazing.  I did a little cleaning, a lot of football watching and went to bed early.  I had an 8 am meeting Monday but at six I knew there was no way I was going to go to work, so I ended up working from home Monday and Tuesday.  I'm here today.  I don't feel 100% but I am sure I'm not contagious so .... and it's Noon Knitting day.

I got more good work done on the blanket this past weekend as I watched the Seahawks lose.  Again.  My fantasy team?  TANKED!!! I am last for the first time in years and I am not happy about it.  I hope to have a better week this week.  I got on the waiver wire and got a couple of new guys.  But the Seahawks starting 0 and 2!  Terrible.  Thank goodness Kam Chancellor is back this morning and we're playing the Bears at home  Sunday.  Hopefully things will turn around now.

I have lots and lots of work to do, of course.  And I just wish I could crawl under my desk and sleep.  Ah well ....

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