24 September, 2015

I have GOT to plan a trip

Yes yes I know I just got back from a week in California.  I mean I need to plan a trip to France.  I would, of course, much prefer to go in November.  But I can't - again.  What I can do is go in January and incorporate MLK birthday holiday.  I know people think I'm crazy for going to Europe in January but honestly, it is SO much nicer to be there off season.  A few days in Paris, maybe an overnight to Epernay.  Well, now I can start planning.

So it's now officially autumn.  Well, as of yesterday.  We're still getting pretty nice weather but it's getting colder at night and it's downright cold in the house in the mornings.  I am ready for winter this year.  I am ready for some cold weather and fires in the fireplace.  And getting snowed in. 

Something is going on with Yahoo this morning.  The page won't load, my email won't load.  Odd - it loads up okay on my iPad.  Maybe I should re-start Firefox.

I got three rows done on my blanket at noon knitting yesterday.  Maybe tonight I'll wind up some of the magenta Wool Classico to have ready.  Before I start the stripes though I've got to figure out how I want to do it so it matches.  I know how many yards of Fez makes six inches and I want the blanket to be 60 inches long by 50 inches wide.  And I have enough Fez, the gray color, to make 45 inches.  So - just a little math and I'll know where to put the stripes and how large to make them.

I have my 5 o'clock meeting tonight so I'll be leaving work early.  I am glad the Thursday 4 o'clock meeting was moved to Wednesday mornings.  I will get home early enough to get Tink walked and settled before I have to concentrate and ignore her.  Maybe I'll have time to get a pot of chicken soup on.  Yummm 

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