11 September, 2015

As I suspected ....

I have a few standing meetings now with all of my new duties, and one of them is Thursdays at 5 o'clock.  *sigh*  Terrible time.  I was on that call until 6:30!  Thank goodness the football game was recording.  But truth be told, I got bored with it PDQ since it's the two teams I hate the most and I didn't have a fantasy stake.  My goal was to be in bed by 9:30 and I met that goal. 

Today I drove in to work because our new panting arrives and so Ben took the truck and I got the fancy car.  I decided to drive around rather than go to the transit center and take the bus or to drive the bridge to work.  Going around means going through Bothell and Kenmore on surface streets rather than the 520 Bridge.  I ride that freeway every morning and I know how stacked up it gets.  It's much more comfortable to drive around.  The traffic wasn't bad, I got to stop at Starbucks for a coffee and listen to my sports talk radio all the way in.  It only too 50 minutes.  And, bonus, tonight I can stop and pick up dinner from a BBQ place that I have been craving for weeks.  Win and win.  I think I'll leave the top up though.  I'd rather have the air conditioning.  It's going to be very hot today.

I hope we can get the painting up tomorrow.  Well, we have to get it done this weekend because we've got a party next Saturday.  It's going to be a work-y weekend with the addition of a Husky game on Saturday and the Seahawks season opener (on the road to the Rams) on Sunday morning.  Fingers crossed my fantasy team does well too.  I'm going to order Red Zone today.

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