09 September, 2015


For some time things have been rather slow here at work for me.  There are quite a few reasons why including the chairman preparing to step down and the new curriculum change over.  With some rather aggressive prodding on my part to get my colleagues in this department to advance my cause with the School of Medicine, I now have a bazillion new responsibilities.  Did I say a bazillion?  I might be exaggerating a bit, but not much.  I have four or five standing meetings each week, a retreat in October and I'm still trying to figure out what all else I am responsible for.  I have a meeting tomorrow with someone to nail it down.  I am not complaining but I am feeling a little overwhelmed at this point.  Just a little.

Yesterday morning I spent 3 hours at an HR seminar.  That was a dense three hours, I'll tell you.  It was exciting though and now I can make some better decisions about when I want to stop working.  Now would be fine .... but I can't do it now.  But I know when I can, and that's nice.

So -- I did finally finish up the Starry Nights shawl but I haven't blocked it.  I'm not that much in love with it.  I can't quite decide what to do next - I have some great projects in the wings and my Luxe box is on its way and it's camel yarn, so I might make that project.  But in the meantime, it got a little chilly this weekend and so I decided to start the blanket I've been promising to make.  I have some lovely Debbie Bliss Fez - merino and camel - that I started using to make a heavily cabled hoodie.  I frogged that I it is perfect for the blanket.  I am making my own pattern so first I swatched the pattern, which is alternating stripes of horseshoe lace and broken rib, then I measured and cast on and away we go!  I am really loving it and it goes pretty quickly, plus it's easy enough to be TV knitting.  I brought it in with me today for noon knitting.

It is warming up again and we're heading for the 80s for the weekend.  Summer is not done yet!  But I do notice it's dark in the morning.  I don't like that much. 

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