25 September, 2015


I just want a cup of coffee!  I was super efficient and quick this morning and decided to start my Friday off with a latte from Starbucks.  But when I got there there was only one barista and a line and I couldn't wait so off I went to the Transit Center.  I figured I would grab one at work on the way up to my office.  Nobody in line in front of me. Yay.  I got my order in, paid and ..... fire alarm!!  Geez!  So now I have to wait until the fire alarm is done so I can go down and pick up my coffee.  Sometimes you really have to work for it, ya know?

I left work early yesterday so I could get home and get organized before my 5 o'clock meeting.  That meeting went until nearly 7 pm.  What a long long day that makes.  And we are all so confused at every level with this new curriculum.  I had a dream that I was lost.  No wonder, eh?

I am hoping to make up a lot of points this weekend, since the Seahawks are playing the Bears at home and we have Kam Chancellor back.  My season is not over but I do need a win this weekend, for sure.

And that's about it for the weekend plans.  I want to knit and watch football and that's about it.  Maybe wind some yarn.  Boring?  Maybe.  Relaxing.  Oh yes.

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