08 September, 2015

An artsy vacation

What fun we had on our vacation!  Lots of sunshine.  Lots of laughs.  Lots of food. 

We started out at Laguna Beach.  It was the final day of the Sawdust Festival, an annual arts festival, so the place was packed!  Lots of kids having a final hurrah before school starts and lots of people for the festival.  We had a cute beach house from AirBnb right at the top of the stairs to the beach.  Perfect.  We had a great dinner Saturday night and got to the festival early enough on Sunday that it wasn't too crowded.  And we nabbed a couple of awesome pieces - a beautiful cache pot and a cute little painting on wood with a gorgeous gold frame.  Lovely.

Monday it was back to LA via the PCH and then on Tuesday we headed out to Santa Barbara for a couple of days there.  We didn't really do much - walked around, I bought a cute little fringed bag, drank lots of wine and pretty much just relaxed.

The most fun part of the vacation for me was the live fantasy draft we had Friday night.  I got a really good team this year (fingers crossed) and the party was SO much fun!  We had all the guys there except for the two in Seattle since Omie and his cousin had come out from the east coast for Kris' wedding the previous weekend. 

Friday we stopped off at Emily Van Horn's studio to look at getting a big painting and oooooo ... I found a beauty. This is called Manana Mas and it's really big, but it'll fit over the bed.  She packed it up and sent it to us so we should have it Friday.  I cannot wait! 

I started a new knitting project this weekend, but it's going to have to wait because I've got to get ready to get out of the office for a 9 o'clock seminar.  I am going to be SUPER busy this next year. 

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