10 September, 2015

Sore jaw

So I guess things are really heating up for me.  I woke up with a sore jaw this morning, which means I was clenching it last night.  My work load has gone from zero to 100 and I'm still trying to catch my breath.  It is exciting though and the days seem to zip right by. 

I did take my noon knitting time.  That is sacrosanct.  I got two rows done on the blanket and I probably could have gotten through another but my hands were a little bit sore because of all the work I had done on it during the weekend.  it is going to be a fabulous blankie.  And then when I got home I found my Luxe box!  Five skeins of camel yarn.  I was hoping for the gray but got the green instead.  I looked to see how the trading was going and it looks like most everybody who got the green wants to trade it for the gray so I will use my green.  The pattern that comes with it is for a nice stole/scarf thingie.  Hopefully we'll get a real winter and it'll be useful.

Football officially starts tonight with the two teams I hate the most playing each other.  I don't have any fantasy players on either of the teams so I don't know how long I'll be watching.  But it all counts now!

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