29 September, 2015


Holy cow -- what a terrible morning.  The traffic is a mess.  I guess there was an accident and one freeway was closed.  Even though the accident was on I-5 it impacted my commute.  My bus was late and then the traffic was crawling across the bridge. 

Yesterday was a busy and early day.  Monday I have an 8 o'clock meeting so I have to catch the early bus so I can get settled in with a cup of tea before the meeting starts.  It was a long and boring meeting and I was so tired.  But the weather has been gorgeous ... still!  Blue skies and warm temperatures.  At noontime Kate and I walked up the Ave to have lunch with Sundsten.  That was a nice treat.  I think we will go visit him - the long promised girlie weekend we have been talking about.  Ben is going to be away on business and so it's a perfect time for us to take off for the weekend.  And October -- we'll be able to pick mushrooms!  This time I'm going to leave Tinkie home.  it's too hard to visit him with her because he has a cat and she just won't leave that cat alone!

Do nothing Monday lived up to its hype.  Ahhhh ... I had some left over soup and heated up some foccia and called it dinner.  I didn't need to watch the football game because neither I nor my opponent had anyone in the game.  And I lost.  But not quite so badly as last time.  I had over 100 points!  But Marshawn went out of the game early and he's injured.  We just don't know how badly yet.  That could be the death knell for my team.  Fingers crossed he's not badly injured.

I got lots and lots of knitting done on the blanket this weekend.  I finished up the first of five grey bands and started on the first of four magenta ones.  Oh ... it is going to be super soft and super warm and gorgeous!  But I've got 4/5ths left to go.  A long ways.

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