18 September, 2015

And the air turned blue

Our night stands have a very handy feature.  There is a panel at the back that flips up to reveal a plug, and there is a cut out to allow the cords to come out.  Perfect for plugging in your phone, iPad, etc.  I plug my iPhone in and lay it on the table and I plug my iPad in and put it into the drawer because there are other things on the table, like candles and a little dish for lip balm, etc.  So, this morning when my alarm went off I picked up my iPhone, the cord snagged my glass of cranberry juice on the table and tipped it right into the drawer on top of my iPad and various other things in the drawer.  I was SO mad at myself!  What a boneheaded move.  Poor little Tinkerbell was rudely awakened by my cursing and running around.  What a way to start the day, eh?  There's no place to go but up.

I went home yesterday after noon so that I could work late taking meeting minutes.  Part way through the first meeting my cursor turned into a two headed arrow and I couldn't save the document or do anything!  I was so frustrated.  It spontaneously fixed itself but not until I was part way through the second meeting.  So I've had to bring my laptop in with me this morning so I can sort out those meeting minutes.  Needless to say they're not going to be very coherent because I was trying to fix my computer.

Big doings this weekend what with the party on Saturday and football on Sunday.  I just hope I can get some sleep on Sunday morning.  If I don't the week is just going to suck.  Ideally I'd like to have a few hours to knit and watch football and do absolutely nothing else.  Let's plan on that, shall we?

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