09 November, 2015

Better and better

Tink is getting better!  I still don't let her jump because when she does, she limps around for a while afterwards.  And I haven't let her chase her ball.  She is just really hard to keep still though and I'm going to have to relent at some point.  Her medicine is finished tonight.  That of course will be the real test.  If she stays the same after she is done with the pills.  I want her to be fit for the weekend so she can go for walks on the beach.  She loves that.  All the more if she can fine something stinky to roll in. 

Well I did not have a very good Saturday morning, that's for sure.  It was all my fault - I should have gone with my instincts and followed Ben up to the dealership rather than go in the car and then be told when we dropped it off that the service would take three hours!  Three hours!!  There's nothing to do up there!  Usually it only takes an hour so we go have breakfast and dawdle a bit and then the car is done.  But that's not the 40k service.  So we had a slow breakfast and then we walked up the street a mile and a half to the Costco, just for something to do.  However, it was raining AND we had no umbrellas nor did I have a hat.  I had a shawl that I put over my head, but it didn't help much.  And my shoes are leather and the water just soaked right through the soles.  I was in a very bad mood.  But I got home and got the dinner going and we ended up having a fun time that night.

Sunday I slept in and after a quick trip to the mall, spent the rest of the day watching the Red Zone and working on the blanket.  I am now on the third (of four) magenta stripes.  When that is done I will have two more grey stripes with a stripe of magenta in the middle.  So that's 18 inches of grey and like maybe six more inches of magenta.  Or seven.  I want to be done with it!!

It's going to be a weird week.  We have Wednesday off for Veteran's Day and I've got nothing much going on here.  A meeting this afternoon, a student and a meeting tomorrow .... boring.  Oh I am SO ready to be done with this.

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