24 November, 2015

Better and better

Okay, so not yet perfect.  I did have a bit of a coughing fit around midnight or 12:30, but otherwise not so bad.  I could have slept a bit more ..... always.

I left work around 10:30 or 11 yesterday.  I was tired and I had gotten everything done that I needed to do.  I missed an afternoon meeting but I needed a nap more.  I stopped at O'Reilly's on the way home and bought a new windshield wiper.  They installed it for me.  Glad I did too because it is raining this morning.  Thank goodness it warmed up a little bit or it would be snow!

I am still (STILL!) not feeling like knitting but I was looking over at that blanket last night, reproaching me I am sure, and I will pick it up tonight.  It just needs some good attention and I can have it finished in a week or two.  Then I can start doing some fun stuff - maybe some fingerless mitts and hats for Christmas.

I am on for making Brussels sprouts with bacon and the always popular green been casserole for our Thanksgiving dinner.  So today I've got to dig out that recipe (from the internet) and get my list of ingredients down.  I will stop at the store on the way home tonight so that I don't have to deal with that mess tomorrow. 

I have a little work that needs my attention.  Off I go.

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