06 November, 2015

Lights in November

Our neighbors up the street have their Christmas lights up on the house already AND lit!!  They did it November 1.  I think that's a little crazy but .... whatever.  I like house decorations, but I think it's better to wait at least until December 1, don't you?

Yesterday was absolutely insane here.  We had a huge four hour lab in the afternoon and found out in the morning, as I was getting the stuff together for the lab, that one of our faculty members wasn't going to make it, since he's come down with the terrible cold going around.  So it was run, run, run trying to find rooms to accommodate half again as many people as normal, plus re-doing the signs, contacting the students -- oh, and cutting out 50 two-piece dural sinus models.  I was more than ready to hop it as soon as lab got underway. 

Tink's hip seems to be improving little by little, although she is having a hard time not playing.  She found one of her balls yesterday and kept trying to get me to throw it.  I feel so sorry for her!  It's not like I can explain to her that I'm  not being mean, but that it is for her own good.  Maybe by the end of the weekend she'll be able to play a little ball.

It's not going to be a very restful weekend since we've got to be up to the Lynnwood Volvo dealership at 8:30 tomorrow morning to get the car serviced.  Then people for dinner Saturday night.  Sunday is a bye week for the Seahawks so hopefully we can just veg around the house and get a nice rest in.  The following weekend we're going to Anacortes.  The good news is that I get Wednesday off for Veteran's Day.  So I will get a rest at least.

I made the plane reservations for our April/May trip.  I've got to do my math so I will have enough vacation days AND be able to take some time off for a little trip with my sister this winter.  I can check on that this morning.

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