04 November, 2015


Right -- it is decided.  We're going to go to Italy after France.  I don't think we'll spend the entire seven days at the gite in Burgundy.  Maybe five days there, a couple in Rome and a few in some town on the Cinque Terre, then back to Paris and home.  Only two weeks this time. 

Netflix has "Black Books" now and so last night I knit on the blanket and watched a few episodes.  I did watch the series before, but it was a few years ago.  I don't mind having a second look.

It has gotten quite cold at night -- well, even in the days.  No frost on the vehicle windows yet, but it won't be long.  And I know now why I can't see .... the head lights are pointed UP!  They don't shine on the road.  They're going to have to be refocused this weekend.

Yesterday again was quite busy but today is going to be quiet and I'm going to head out early so I can get my hair done before we go out this evening.  Wednesday is the medical student day at clinic or whatever and I'm all set for class Thursday.  No meetings except noon knitting.  It's a good catch up day unless one is already caught up!

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