23 June, 2011

Down with the summer cold!

Ah!  No wonder I have been so very tired all week.  It finally became clear yesterday afternoon, so I cut my losses and headed home early to try and nip it in the bud.  It didn't work.  I got to it too late.  And it's no wonder I caught a cold considering that my office is SO frigid!  I will contact the maintenance people when I get back from vacation and see about turning it down a bit.  I woke up stuffy again this morning so I am taking a sick day.  I have got to rest and get rid of this before I get on the plane on Monday, not to mention that I'm picking my sister up at the airport tomorrow afternoon for a fun weekend here.  Well ... maybe that's being a bit optimistic.  I am not looking forward entirely to the family reunion picnic on Saturday but I'll put on a good face.  It's only for a few hours.  We're going to go to my current favorite restaurant for dinner tomorrow.

The weather can't make up its mind - cloudy then sunny.  It's not very warm either.  I sure am looking forward to being in LA for a week.  I want to soak up some sunshine.  I suspect it's going to be too hot in Las Vegas in August to really be comfortable outside around the pool unless they have misters.

And now ... back to the cold.

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