21 June, 2011


As I suspected, my run yesterday was difficult, although thankfully not as bad or painful as I thought it might be.  It woke me up for a little bit but I was still dragging in the afternoon.  After Tink's walk I did my other workout, which was also a chore.  Besides just needing to do it because I had taken the entire weekend off, I thought it might serve to extend my evening a bit, because quite frankly all I wanted to do was fall into a deep sleep.  I worked a few rows of the sleeves of the Kaleidoscope cardigan and watched some TV, took Tink for a couple of shorts walks and managed to stay upright until nearly 9 pm, when I washed up and crawled into bed to read for as long as I could keep my eyes open.  And that wasn't very long!  Then I had a lovely long, deep sleep and I feel pretty good this morning!  It's sunny and supposed to be warm this afternoon.  In fact, it's supposed to be nice all week and hopefully stay nice for our family reunion on Saturday.  Then I don't much care what it does.  Kelli and I will just laze around on Sunday and Monday I'll pack and we'll head to the airport and sunny LA!

I can't decide what to take for a project.  I know that since Kelli and Mike have just rented a house and moved that she's going to be wanting to spend time fussing with the house and playing in the garden, leaving me plenty of time for reading and knitting and generally relaxing.  I'll need something to keep my hands busy.  At this rate it doesn't look like that Kaleidoscope cardigan will be done so I could bring that.  Perhaps I should grab a couple skeins of cotton sock yarn and have a pair of socks for emergency knitting. 

Today is the first meeting of the Slate Committee.  I wonder how long before I'll be able to have an iPad to play with for a day.  That's dangerous, I know.  I figure once I actually have one to play with I'm going to have to buy one.  Or maybe having one to play with I'll see that I can live without it. 

I need to do a small rant.  There are plenty of things I hate about living in an apartment.  The noisy, lower end appliances, the pigs that leave their dog's waste on the lawn rather than picking it up, stains on the carpet (!!), but here's my latest.  The fan in the bathroom below mine is noisy.  Extremely noisy.  The tenants leave it running for hours at a time.  But the worst thing is that it's not working efficiently and last night I got up to use the bathroom and I could hear their fan AND my bathroom smelled strongly of cigarette smoke!  Their fan, rather than venting to the outside, seems to be venting directly into my bathroom.  Or maybe it just has a leak.  Okay, let's just say it's very inefficient and leaky and noisy.  I hate to complain about that but I can't have my apartment stinking of smoke.  On the other hand I can't stop people from smoking in their own bathroom.  So let's hope that the maintenance man can do something about this dilemma. 

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