16 June, 2011

How can it be mid-June already?

I just tried to wrap my head around the fact that it is June 16th!!  Maybe it's because we haven't been having any really nice weather.   It just doesn't seem that it is that close to summer but in fact it's only a week away.  I sure hope we get decent weather for the reunion on the 25th. 

I neglected to take a picture of that shawl again.  I was rushing this morning [what else is new?] and didn't want to take the time.  Perhaps I shall take a picture of it tonight when I've got plenty of time and some good light.  Or I can do it in the morning, since I'm working from home tomorrow.

This weekend, Saturday, is my friend's husband's birthday party and I am getting excited about it!  It will be my first real outing and marks the end of the 3 months I had set for myself to .... shake it off, I guess.  Since I've been counting calories for all these 3 months and not drinking alcohol, I think it would be wisest to take a cab.  Even if I'm careful and eat before I go,  I might not want to get behind the wheel after a couple of drinks especially in a neighborhood I'm not familiar with.  Better safe than in jail.

I got nearly through another full repeat of the lace pattern on the sleeves on the bolero at noon knitting yesterday but didn't do any at home last night.  I managed a few rows of plain knitting on the sleeves of the Kaleidoscope cardigan.  I would like to finish that up this weekend so I can take it with me on vacation.  That will be my goal.

It's lovely outside and I'm feeling fleet of foot.  Hoping I'll having a wonderful, fast run today.  I never can tell what's going to happen until I get out there. 

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