08 June, 2011

My new toy!

Oh how much do I love this new Macbook??  I spent the entire day yesterday fiddling with it, setting it up and learning about all the nifty things it can do.  I didn't get around to figuring out the iChat thing but I did check out the camera.  Work?  No, not actually.  I will work with it but I do have to learn all about it first, right?  Right.  I think there are a few nooks and crannies I have yet to find, so I'll keep looking.

I had a nice run yesterday even though it was sprinkling and windy.  My time wasn't excellent, but I wasn't pushing myself at all.  I don't like running in the wind.  Today is a rest day so hopefully tomorrow it won't be raining and I can push a little bit.

Sprinkles turned into rain by the time I got home and it was time to walk Tink.  I just tucked my hair up under a hat and away we went.  It's raining again this morning but we are supposed to see some sun this week.  I won't hold my breath.  June is typically cloudy and rainy no matter what kind of May we have had and sometimes May is just gorgeous.  Not this year but ..... it has happened.

As much as I wanted to get the Shining Bird's Eyes soaked and pinned out last night, it was not to be.  By the time I got my workout done and my dinner cooked and eaten it was 7:30.  Not too late, of course, except Tink was in one of her very needy states so we played ball a lot, and I knit in between her play sessions a little bit.  I didn't even watch a movie.  Headed to bed around 9:30 to read and that was the end of that day.  Maybe tonight but if not then I can surely do it this weekend.

Now I've got to get a bite of something and off to a meeting. 

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