10 June, 2011

Hooray it's Friday

And I am ready for this week to be done.  It has seemed a long week and I am ready to sleep in and enjoy some sunshine, with any luck.  Today is the last of the meetings and I will be tied up most of the day, so no running for me.  I did get out for a run yesterday but it was not very satisfactory even though I had Wednesday off.  It was work, rather than the fun I had been having last week.  That's how it seems to go, as I was reminded by my friend in the department who also runs, and she's exactly right.  Sometimes you will have a week or so when it feels like you've got wings on your heels and other times you feel like you're running through pudding with lead weights on your ankles.  I do keep track of what I eat and how I am sleeping and I can't find any reliable correlation.  So it goes.  Like a golfer living for those (few, for me) times when you hear that satisfying click of a great drive or watch your iron shot soar, I live for those times when I am running and I feel like I could go on forever.  It's totally worth living through the other times.

Last evening was kind of weird.  I got a copy of the response letter from my soon-to-be-ex's attorney and it was just ridiculous!  And it just made me crazy!  I know it doesn't do any good for me to worry,  I know he won't walk away with all the marbles, like my sister says, but it makes me anxious all the same. I need to meet with my attorney to plan the next step and there's no use getting worked up about this, I know.  In the end things will work out equitably, but in the meantime ..... arghghgh.  I couldn't concentrate on my workout and what I really wanted to do was have a martini or three, but instead I put on a really silly movie, and just lay on the couch.  I mean REALLY silly, as in the new animated "Yogi Bear".  It was, in a word, terrible.  But it kept my mind off things.

I should be able to do some knitting on the Kaleidoscope today while attending that meeting, and tomorrow I'll go to my friend's house and block the shawl.  Otherwise, quiet weekend.  Two more weeks until my sister comes and vacation as well.  Until then .... I keep my mind on the future.

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