06 June, 2011

Finally some decent weather!

True to the forecast, the weekend was gorgeous and in the low to mid-70's.  I was indeed grateful that I had picked up a fan earlier in the week because as I suspected, my place gets a little stuffy and the fan came in handy.

I had a big weekend planned - I mean, lots of things I wanted to get done, not fun stuff.  It had been a long week, and boring in the extreme with two days of meetings so I was ready for a good sleep Friday.  Unfortunately some tenants had other plans.  I suppose because Friday was the end of school term for some people, and that's an awesome reason for a party.  However, this was a VERY loud party and I kept waking up again and again.  The last time was around 3:30.  I could have complained but since it was Friday and the end of the school year and I'm a new tenant, I just let it go.  It did mean that I slept in very late Saturday and got a late start, but oh well.  Tink and I finally got out for out long walk around 10:30 and strolled down to the lake, which was very busy with a million and one other people walking their dogs.  I let her get into the water which she liked a lot.

One of my main goals this weekend was to finish up the Shining Birds Eyes Shawl, so I spent a few hours on that Saturday after running errands. I had to stop with 3 rows to go.  I wasn't tired until late so I read for a long while, which meant that I slept in AGAIN on Sunday!  Truly not typical for me these days but I guess I needed the sleep.  It was gorgeous and warm again and I put on some shorts for the first time this year.  Tink and I took an alternate route on our Sunday walk and I (finally) found my local dry cleaner.  I knew there had to be one close since there are so very many condos and apartments in my neighborhood.  So now I can drop a few things off tonight on our walk after work.

Before I could let myself pick up the shawl again I had to finish the closet and drawer project I started last weekend.  It took a couple of hours but I managed to get my shoes switched out and coordinated, rearrange the drawer situation and put a lot of clothes into a box which will, most likely, get donated the next time I move (which hopefully won't be that far in the future).  I was most pleased with the results. 

I then spent the rest of the afternoon and evening working on the shawl.  I finished up the last three rows and just started the bind off when I took a break to work out and have dinner.  I wanted to watch a movie - I have three Netflix movies sitting there - but not as much as I wanted to get the binding off completed.  It is a gorgeous bind off called crown picot bind off.  It is also a time consuming bind off.  I got to the exact half way mark and it took me nearly two hours!  I have my work cut out for me.  I did take a little break to walk Tink during that time and maybe it won't take me all of two hours to finish it up, since I am now in a rhythm.  And the bind off is making this thing bloom!  It's going to be huge.  And gorgeous.

I have been scanning my Twitter feed for airline bargains to no avail .... yet.  I won't give up looking but I have noticed that there never seem to be any bargains going out of Seattle and very few out of LAX.  Maybe I don't have the right feeds. I'll do some more digging.  I did find a great fare from NYC to London so that gives me hope that something will turn up.  It is not necessary to get a killer deal,  but since I have this trip planned so far in advance, it would be kind of fun to get an outrageous bargain as well.

I have been thinking about the linen camisole I'm going to frog.  I hate working with that linen but I am thinking that maybe if I rewind the balls into one or two larger balls it would be easier to work with.  Opinions?  I haven't made a garment with linen yet so I really want to try it,  but without all the hassle.

Only two meetings this week, but one of them is only 1 1/2 hours rather than a whole day.  I did get quite a bit of plain stockinette knitting done on the Kaleidoscope cardigan Thursday and Friday so it wasn't a total waste of time.  That is coming along nicely as well.  In a couple more days I will be able to start the sleeves.

We are going to be having nice weather most of the week and I am looking forward to my run today.  I didn't get to go even once last week so it should be a good one.  Or not. 

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