03 June, 2011

Well good morning sunshine!!

I guess it's going to be around for a few days.  What a wonderful sight to wake up to -- blue skies.  It's not hot but it's very pleasant outside.  It feels like spring finally.

Yesterday I had a meeting all morning.  I brought my knitting with me and got finished with the first 8 inches of the Kaleidoscope Cardigan that I started on Monday .... was it Monday?  Or Sunday?  Whatever.  Anyway, I started the waist increases last night and I've brought it with me again because at 9:30 I go back into another meeting and I'm there all day.  What a shame.  In a room with windows, so the nice weather will be mocking me.  Actually I would love to run since I haven't been able to do so all week.  But last night when I was moving the furniture back in place after my workout  I caught my foot in the carpet and tripped and hit my knee on the coffee table.  I missed the patella but got it just above.  I didn't think much of it until I woke up in the middle of the night and the pain of it made it difficult to go back to sleep.  I took a naproxen this morning.  Hopefully it will stop hurting soon.  So I guess it's not such a bad thing that I can't run.

No big fun plans this weekend.  I think I'll finish what I started last week and keep re-organizing my closets, get the sandals out and put the boots away.  In 3 weeks my sister will be up for a visit over the weekend and then I'll be going back to CA with her.  But that's a long 3 weeks away.

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