16 July, 2014

Cooling my heels in Luxembourg

Monday was Bastille Day and the weather was just so pretty, which was especially welcome after the rainy Sunday.  I was up quite early, having been awakened by the patrons of the after hours club across the street. I got out and started rambling, first towards Republique then later in the day up and down rue de Rivoli which had been blocked to traffic. The parade was down Champs d'Elysee, but all of the military vehicles drove all the way to Bastille so I got to see a few things. And the airplanes and helicopters were very cool. I couldn't resist going in some of the shops and bought a pair of sandals.

The evening was so lovely and I walked with a friend to St Germaine to a restaurant for dinner. They specialize in champagne cocktails. Right up my alley. We walked back over the Pont des Arts which has been terribly disfigured by the "love locks" craze. Terrible. What an eyesore. I hear they are now also doing it in Dublin and London. I am not a fan.

I bought a sleep aid earlier in the day so I was able to sleep through the night. I had a train to catch at 1:40 so I had plenty of time in the morning. I walked to Gare de l'Est and had a nice tide to Luxembourg.   Emma picked me up, we made one stop to see a friend on the way and then drank wine and talked far into the night.

Today we are going to Bruges, but we are getting a very late start due to Emma not feeling tip top. Now I wish I had brought my knitting!

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