18 July, 2014

Hot hot hot!

It is summertime, with plenty of heat. We finally got to Bruges in the evening, got checked in to a lovely hotel and found our way to a restaurant still serving. It was Argentinian and I had steak.  It was gorgeous.  The room was quite warm, but we were on a canal so it did cool down finally. The next day we strolled around the square and the little streets nearby.  It was so hot though!  We had to stop several times just to find some shade and have something to drink.

The countryside is quite beautiful with lots of trees bit reminds me of Oregon. Our trip back was easy, with moderate traffic. We got back to Luxembourg in plenty of time to clean up for a birthday party we were attending. I was going to do my hair but it was just way too hot. I went curly.

Today is a lazy day. At some point we are going for a ramble, then dinner at a Thai restaurant. Tomorrow we take a train to Paris so we have to get up and out early enough to drop the dog at the sitter. We can't miss that train!

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