09 July, 2014

Why does she stay?

There is a woman in the office next to mine who constantly complains.  If she's not on the phone complaining to someone when I walk into the suite in the mornings she's here, it is unusual.  Sometimes I just have to shut my office door because I can't stand the constant stream of nonsense I hear day in and day out.  The thing is ... she doesn't need to be here!  She can retire!  She's been bragging about it for years, that she and her husband are set.  Plus her commute is insane.  Why oh why doesn't she quit?  Why would someone choose to put themselves through this if it's so onerous?  I honestly don't get it.  If I didn't have to be here I certainly could find plenty of things to keep myself busy and, most importantly, happy.  Why not be happy?

Hot yesterday again and boy, did I make a boneheaded move!  I was distracted in the morning as we, most of us anyway, are in the mornings.  Tired and not thinking clearly.  I was vacillating between two pairs of shoes, time was tight and so I just slipped on my patent leather loafers, which go well with the pants I had chosen.  But I neglected to put on any socks, which I realized on my way to the bus.  Oh well, I thought, I'll just sit in my office barefooted.  Nobody will know or care.  Ah .... good plan.  But I didn't plan on what the walk to the bus, from the bus to the office, back and forth to the kitchen and the bathroom, would do to my feet.  I had blisters on both my heels before 11 am!!  Well running was right out - not happy about that.  I ended up taking the bus to the pet store for food for Tink, then started to walk back, knowing I could hop on a bus if my heels started hurting.  I made it all the way back, mostly thanks to my running shoes and the excellent socks I have.  Maybe I could have run, but by that time it was a million degrees outside.

My evening was okay but it slipped by way too quickly.  Unfortunately, considering the heat, I had to do my hair.  A fan blowing on me helps.  I got some berries cut up and frozen, since I am leaving soon and I know I wouldn't get through them all.  I took Tink for a couple of leisurely walks and read until I fell asleep.  It's going to stay hot all week, in the 80s and going to be hottest on Saturday, when I leave.  In Paris and Luxembourg it's raining right now.  I think it's supposed to be nicer by the time I get there.  Of course, I don't really care, do I?  I was watching a movie on TV a couple nights ago and a part of it was in Paris.  That's when it dawned on me that I will be there soon.  I teared up!  I swear ...  So rain?  Do not care.   I do not care one little bit.

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