02 July, 2014

What a scorcher!

Wow!  Was it ever hot yesterday!  At one point in the commute I checked my phone and it was 90 degrees.  That is hot my friends!  My office is not air conditioned, as I have surely mentioned about a bazillion times in the past.  The hallway is air conditioned, just like my apartment building.  Useless inside, but if you need a breather, it's always there.  Monika put a fan in the doorway in the afternoon and cooled us down in here a bit by drawing in some of that cooler air.  My little window fan doesn't do much, I assure you.  It isn't supposed to be quite so hot today.

Well the world cup match was a disappointment.  The US played well but Belgium beat us fair and square.  I was reading that Seattle has the most soccer fans in all of the US.  And you can surely see it around here.  One of the labs suspended operations yesterday, put up a sheet on the wall and projected the match!  I'm not all that keen.  I love football.  Tick tock - it's not too far away now.  Training camps are starting up in earnest soon.

I was incredibly tired and sick feeling all of yesterday.  I couldn't get much done.  I just wanted to put my head down on my desk and have a snooze!  I was in bed early, put on my sleep mask and had a most wonderful sleep.  I feel fabulous today.  Plus it's noon knitting!  Yay!  The day will just zip by.

The weekend is shaping up to be another killer, busy weekend.  Friday, of course, is the 4th and a BBQ.  There is a card party in the works for Saturday but not definite yet.  And also on Saturday I have a list of errands a mile long including a visit to Derby for a hair appointment (if I don't get some of this hair cut off I'm going to go crazy!), a little bit of shopping for my trip, a stop at the jewelery store to get a new back for my earrings and a couple of other things I can't remember right now.  Busy.  I would also like to get Tink bathed sometime in there before I go.  This is my last weekend before my vacation so I'd better make some lists, yes?

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