10 July, 2014

Two more days to go!

Oh heavens .... two more days.  Thank goodness I'm crazy busy at work.  The time will zip by and I'll be on my way before I know it.  I got a text with all the instructions for picking up the keys to my friend's flat.  Just down the block from where I used to live -- handy because I know the neighborhood.  It's great timing.  She's leaving it at a cafe right next to her husband's pub and they open at ten on Sunday.  My plane gets in at 8:30 and so I'll just take it easy and take the RER into town.  It'll save me $50 at least and by the time I arrive I should be able to go right to the cafe.  And as an added bonus I can get some breakfast.  I do NOT want to take a nap.  I am going to really try to sleep on the plane.  If I eat, drop my bags and freshen up and then walk over to the Bastille market I should be able to get well into the afternoon before I will need a little nap.  But that's days away.  I'd best keep my nose to the grindstone here.

One of the things I'm trying to get buttoned up before I leave is getting our new web site up and running.  I would have done it a couple of weeks ago, but our IT guy, who needs to write the redirect code, was sick after his trip.  Sick for over a week.  It's a nasty bug out there.  So we were behind.  I got all of my edits done and then yesterday I found that I had made all of those edits on the WRONG version of the site!!  Oh ... seriously bummed.  I skipped lunch and re-did all the edits so we're nearly ready to go.  The administrator has a few things she wants to fiddle with and I've got a few more people to add to the directory, but that will be off my plate and out of my head. 

I'm tired.  I stayed up too late watching some stupid show on TV.  But I slept well and deeply.  The fan is the perfect white noise sometimes.  I didn't hear anything outside.  That's very unusual. 

I have decided not to take any knitting with me.  I think I've decided not to take any knitting.  It's tough.  I do have plenty of things to read if I do find myself with some time to just relax and do nothing.  I take knitting with me when I travel and I never pick it up!  Now is it a crutch of some kind?  I guess if I started to go really crazy I could go buy some needles and yarn and do something.  That wouldn't be a bad thing.  And I do want to go light.  We'll see.  The verdict is not in quite yet.

I am SO happy.

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